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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Starting Over All Over Again

I never seem to be satisfied with any of my toons anymore. Maybe that's why I'm an altoholic. Don't get me wrong, I love the game. The time I spend playing is a lot of fun to me. But when I look at my character selection screen I just can't decide. More often than not I press the "Create New Character" button. Is it wrong to just want to start all over fresh again and again?

Maybe it's a case of "your first love is your best love" and it'll never feel the same again. Maybe I'm searching for that feeling. I get it briefly when making a new toon and playing it for the first few levels, but the love quickly fades. Then what?

I think part of the disconnect is being guildless. If it weren't for a few people, I'd probably have switched realms again a long time ago. More and more, when I log on my toons on Cairne I feel as though I'm only going through the motions. More and more, I just want to de-clutter and delete all of my high level toons.

I'm not really going to do anything dramatic like that. I know I'd probably regret it. But the urge is there.

I've been through this before. I've server hopped before. I ended up coming back to Cairne. What makes this time different?

Maybe its the feeling that I just don't care about end-game at all anymore... Viva would have been 85 a long time ago, if I wanted her to be. I've been deliberately avoiding playing her because I'm afraid of hitting the dreaded level-cap. How backwards is that?

What is even more frightening to me is the feeling that I'm becoming more and more of a soloist. I love people. I like to socialize. But when I'm questing I'd rather go it alone, that way I won't feel guilty wandering off of the beaten path to mine or do some archaeology or just smell the roses. It feels as though everyone is always just rushing to hit the next level, and Blizzard has rewarded this behavior by making everything give Exp. Sometimes I just want to turn Exp gains off.

I want a guild to socialize in, but that's about all I want it for. I'm turning into Gevlon's M&S, I suppose. Is that wrong? Does that somehow make me bad? Gevlon would say it is and it does.

My partner in crime would ask me to join his guild, but how much in common will I have with a group of people that are focused on end-game? Not much, I don't think. Honestly, I think I probably have very little in common with the majority of people who play WoW altogether. Considering that I'm such an unusual person, I have no idea how to find a guild of like-minded people. All guilds seem to eventually end up focusing on end-game or disbanding.

Anyone else feeling like I'm feeling?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Goodbye Old WoW

Me and Spell spent last night doing silly things that were, in the grand scheme of things, unimportant. Things like:
  • Running Zul Gurub for the last time (still no mounts).
  • Getting the 251 shield for his pally from Princess in the elemental earth portal. 
  • Making sure all of my toons are not in Dalaran (except for Viva who is intent upon fishing up more coins, but her hearth is in SW).
  • Coming up with names for our new gnome duo (Fangle and Jangle it is).
  • Dancing to the tune of "It's the End of the World as We Know It" in Stormwind Park
Time to make a new screenshot folder for new WoW, otherwise I might get confused. And maybe it's time for me to delete all the screenshots I have saved from NWN. It's been over a decade. Time to move on? I am the antithesis of a packrat in RL, but my virtual self is incredibly cluttered, from my desktop to my WoW inventory. For some reason I just don't want to let go. I even still have the very first screenshot I ever took in WoW of my very first toon on her very first flight between Thelsemar and Ironforge. I don't even remember what that character's name was. >_<

We've come a long way, baby.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The State of the Game: Post 4.0.1

Setting my priest aside like an old, well-played-with doll has left me feeling sad, disappointed and a little bit bitter. I've been running over the reasons I don't like the class changes in my mind, and reading and reading and reading other people's perspectives. One thing is certain, we've all taken the changes differently.

I've found folks who love the changes to priests and folks who hate it just like me, and others are sort of indifferent. But this kind of applies to all classes/specs. I've read blogs of people who are hating the changes to druids, and I personally am loving it. I've run across people who hate the changes to just about every class out there, and I've found others who feel the opposite. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason for it.

Then I poked around a little further out than my priestly circle, and found Big Bear Butt Blogger and Dechion discussing the fact that the dislike may be because these are the classes we are most familiar with. If you look a little more closely, the common thread is that the dislike is for the person's main or the class they play most often. Maybe we're all just too stuck in our ways at the moment, and there isn't currently a very good way of testing things. Heroics are beyond a joke, and even ICC isn't much of a challenge anymore (or so I hear).

The one person I know who hasn't been so shook up over his main's changes is my mage friend, and I think it's mainly because he was sick as heck of being arcane anyway and was ready for a change.

This actually gives me hope. Maybe if I just give Ama a little break then I can come back to her with a fresh outlook. Worst case scenario, I come back to the priest at a later date by re-leveling a new one.