My Toons


Icelica - Returned to freedom if not life from the clutches of the Lich King. Her constant companion is fellow Death Knight, Torq. My series, "A Death Knight's Tale," chronicles her story.

Audrid - Staunch defender of her queen, Moira Thaurissan, Audrid has watched the wickedness of the Firelord corrupt her people and seen the evil of the Twilight's Hammer first hand. She has vowed to learn a new way. Just as some Dark Irons have been welcomed into Ironforge to teach the dark arts, so have some Dark Irons chosen to learn from the Bronzebeards the path of The Light. Audrid is one of these Dark Irons. She is rarely seen without her faithful corehound pup, Buddy.

Xoe - Self-proclaimed Weapon Master, and slayer of Murlocs.

Wynterr - Quiet librarian forced to fight for her life as the curse of the Worgen overtakes her home. Her lifelong love of books and desire for knowledge have given her an instant and natural understanding of the Arcane.