Saturday, January 29, 2011

But You Have Full Mana!!!

This has been the battlecry of the fail dpser/tank who died because (in their opinion) I must be a horribad healer.

I would say, on average, my experience using LFD so far has been 60/40 Good/Bad. I can only imagine that it is either going to get better or worse, considering the dungeons I've been doing are the early/easy ones.

As a Paladin, my spells are limited at this level. I don't even have Flash of Light yet. I'm limited to Holy Shock, Word of Glory and Holy Light as my bread and butter, which is a long cast spell. I have no AoE (unless you count passively healing myself whenever I heal anyone else). I can't work miracles.

I'm talking about you, Paladin "Tank" in Intellect gear spamming Exorcism. I'm talking about you, crazed Hunter who refuses to wait for the tank to pull and has his pet on aggressive+growl. I'm talking about you, Druid who tried to tank in Kitty form. I'm talking about you, Balance Druid who refused to let the tank pull because you have better armor than the tank. Fine, but then switch into freaking Bear form. Don't try to tank as a Night Elf. You are squishy and will die.

It's as if by the fact of just having mana I should be able to instantly transfer all of that mana into health magically saving everyone's stupid ass. I'm sorry, but it just doesn't work that way. There is no magic IWIN Healing button. If I spam heals on a tank and he still goes down, either a. the tank was not geared/specced correctly or b. the tank (or someone) pulled way too many or c. the tank (or someone) didn't move out of the bad or d. the tank did not pick up adds and I was too busy saving myself. I don't like to blame others. When people point the finger at me all I will say is I'm doing my best. If they keeping blaming and complaining at me I simply leave. Its just not worth the effort to argue.

I am a damn good healer. I've been healing for so long its like second nature. I know when a wipe is my fault and I will freely admit it. Just because I still have mana doesn't mean I've been sitting and twiddling my thumbs letting you die. Believe it or not, at this level I have yet to go OOM. Maybe its all the Spirit gear I've been getting. Maybe Blizz tried to make it a little easier on low level healers. I don't know.

Wipes happen. I don't know if anyone told you, but Godfrey is a hard boss, even on regular at level 20. I don't know if you realize, but 10 mobs is a bit excessive and is likely to wipe even the best group, especially if no one seems to know how to CC. How many healers are going to be left if the first thing we hear is that its our fault? Even if it is our fault, c'mon, cut us some slack.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

From One Paladin to Another

Old Server:::New Paladin

I think that I could just play Paladins for the rest of my WoW career. I think that could make me happy. They have such stories to tell. They speak to me like no other class ever has.

I tried to do something different. I really did. I made a Hunter and quickly grew bored. I made a Paladin and well... 20 levels later, I think she's a keeper.

Hello. My name is Audrid. I have a very large mace.
Yes, I know. Another Dwarven Paladin too.

That's right, Moira's my Queen. Ya wanna make somethin' of it?
But this one is different. This one is all caught up in the Ironforge/Dark Iron drama.

So what if I'm wearing a kilt?
And she's a Holy Paladin, just like Gwennis was. What can I say, I'm a healer at heart. I'm leveling her almost purely through dungeons, and loving every minute of it.

In case you hadn't noticed, I almost always choose the double braid hairstyle for my Dwarven women. If you've never seen this hairstyle in action, I strongly suggest you make a caster with this hair and cast something long. Hours of entertainment watching those tresses twirl. Even funner when a random pugger notices it. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone say, "OMG! Look at her hair!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm still here...

I apologize for my lack of posting, and would like to thank those who commented on my last post. Your advice is greatly appreciated, even if it is no longer necessary.

You see, I keep changing my mind about what I want to do in the game. I guess I'm just a restless soul anymore. Maybe its one of those signs that I'm slowly burning out, but I really don't think that is what it is. I greatly enjoy the time I spend in game, I just have no desire to choose a main and get to level cap, so that leaves me very free to willy-nilly create and delete toons and play God for a little while.

How many characters have I started and wrote a bit of RP story about only to fade into nothingness? And so Gwennis will fade into the background as well. I'm sure there will be others to take her place. Maybe one will even stick.

I found it near to impossible to make friends on new realms, least of all friends that are also interested in RP, even on RP realms. It's as if you have to know names to get in with the cool kids or something.

I've decided that I can enjoy my RP well enough without the interaction of others. I can write my little stories and be happy. And so I return to my old realm, Cairne, where at least I have friends. I was far too lonely those weeks on Argent Dawn.

I deleted three of my five high level toons to make room for the alts I intend to make on Cairne. I deleted Ama, Viva and Ashwynn, as well as various lower level toons. I kept Icelica, and hope maybe someday I will level her up and become an uber DK tank. I kept Levity as my bank alt, mostly because I know I will never want to play her again so she makes a reliable banker (plus she has big bags and shiny flying mounts).

And so I am back among friends, with a shiny chunk of change. Who knew that between those 3 toons I had 20k gold? I know, for those of you auctioneers out there that's chump change, but for me its a lot.

I also found that I have two and a half bags full of BoA heirlooms, which I don't even want to use. I have no desire to rush leveling any more than it is already rushed. I've actually decided that none of my toons will have gathering professions to start with. I can always go back and level that up later, but I can't undo the XP gains provided by these skills.

I'm taking my time and feeling out different toons. I have one that I plan to level purely through dungeons, and several that I plan to level by questing alone. Maybe someday I'll even have a PVP only toon, if I can ever get up the nerve to enter a BG again.

I know, most of you are probably thinking I'm insane for deleting a level 84, 80 and 70. To me it just made sense, and honestly I feel a great weight lifted off of my shoulders. No regrets. Now I have room on my home realm for new toons, and I couldn't be happier.