Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Death Knight's Tale: A Minor Victory

We are many, so many of us only just re-awakened from the nightmare that was His control. We march for Acherus, for Mograine, for revenge.

By the time I reached Acherus the Hall of Command had already been retaken. Mograine advised that while He had escaped to Northrend, He did leave behind a mess for us to clean up on the central floor.

As we made our way into the Heart of Acherus, I could feel the thrill of the day coursing through my body. I was anxious to exact some kind of revenge even if I couldn't reach Him directly yet. The changes to Mograine left him a fierce and strong commander and his fury spread to all of us. We felt invincible.

The stench hit me first, then the buzzing of flies. Being undead this is not something unusual, but it did forewarn the extent of the force awaiting us. As I entered I could see a large army of abominations and Val'kyr, and at their center Kel'Thuzad's own avatar of war, Patchwerk. Could we really take on this behemoth?

With a unified roar we surged forward to cut into the army of lesser abominations and Val'kyr, our runeblades sinking into rotting flesh. As we began working our way through his army to reach him Patchwerk asked, "Death Knights come play?" I felt a hook in my back and a chain drawing me to one of these creatures that had not yet been engaged, the pain numbed by the fervor of my desire for vengeance, I fought on.

I brought my blade up in a quick movement, slicing through the arm that held the chain and hook. The flesh golem's arm went limp and I felt some relief from the pain in my back. There were still two other arms to deal with. I blocked and dodged the wicked cleavers held in those hands, searching for the perfect moment. These beasts are not wise and often leave themselves vulnerable to attack; their only thoughts are of destruction, not their own well-being. The moment came. The creature swung both cleavers towards me. I ducked and both it's weapons were caught in the wall. As it struggled to free them, I steeled myself to the task at hand and plunged my blade up into the creatures gut, twisting to ensure I'd take out any vitals.The creature let out a noise similar to flatulence as its body disintegrated above me, covering me in gore.

Over the din I could hear Kel'Thuzad's creation say, "Why you want hurt Patch?" I almost felt sorry for the thing as it was obviously confused by the situation. We had once been on the same side. We had all once been Scourge.

Our numbers overwhelmed them quickly and soon it was all over. We were victorious. The Ebon Hold was now ours. I wouldn't call it a bloody battle, but it certainly was a mess. It will be much work to clean the place up.

Many of my comrades fell this day, but I will not shed any tears for them, just a slight regret that it wasn't me in their place. My will is consumed by the need to put an end to His nightmare reign. It is not much to live on, but I will fight until I see Him dead or until I am no more.

Time for a quick stitch up of the wound on my back and a long shower.

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