Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Which I Bemoan the State of Priests

When I first rolled my Priest I never dreamed that I'd end up being the type of person that bailed on their class when the going got tough. I guess, in retrospect, that is just what I've done.

I don't think I've been the person who consistently jumps on the current flavor of the month class/spec. When Holy/Holy was the spec to be I was the hybrid Disc Priest who took Divine Spirit so our raid could have the spirit buff. I tried out Holy/Holy towards the end of BC, but I never really could get the hang of AoE healing. During Wrath I was a Disc Priest all the while Pallies were the crowning glory of single target healers.

With Cataclysm, and the changes and more changes and more changes to Discipline and the way bubbles work, I just couldn't do that to myself. I just don't have the time or patience or ironically the discipline to cope with the bubble rollercoaster. I tried Holy again, but I still just didn't feel the AoE.

I've tried playing Shadow, but it just feels so gimpy when compared with a Mage or a Hunter or even a Warlock. It feels like Shadow Priests can't even compete in DPS anymore. I don't expect to top meters, but its disheartening to be so much lower on the meters than others.

The Priest class used to inspire me. I had such pride in my class. My oldest WoW friend and I agreed and pronounced loudly that Priests were the best class in the game. We could do amazing things, the two of us, him Shadow and me Discipline.

Now we are both leveling Paladins (and loving it).

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shared Topic: Favorite Weapon

This week's Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is Favorite Weapon, suggested by Kallixta. See other responses to this topic here

I figured now would be the perfect time to introduce the latest of my Random Six. Here's Xoe* with her take on her favorite weapon(s).

My favorite weapon is one that cracks or smashes, whacks or bashes, stabs or slices, jabs or dices, pricks or gashes, sticks or thrashes. I am a weapon master, I love all weapons.

There's daggers and axes, maces and bows, swords and polearms, staves and fist weapons, and lets not forget guns.

But the best weapons are the ones that let me take my revenge on the fish folk, for there's no good murloc but a dead murloc. Even better is a pile of dead murlocs, even if I nearly lost myself in killing them. Praise the spirits for giving me a second chance, but I'd do it all again just to hear their Mrrggl as they died.  

*Nods to Mr Fenris. I found a 3-letter name for a toon.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Patches and Growing Pains

If you don't like WoW anymore GTFO and quit complaining about it. No one cares that you think Cataclysm has been the worst expansion ever. No one wants to hear you rant about how Blizzard ruined MMOs. Go play Rift* or whatever the flavor of the season is and good riddance!

If I cared that Blizzard was recycling old content I wouldn't have bought Cataclysm. The entire expansion has been based around this main theme of revamping the old world. Are you really shocked and awed that they're bringing back ZG and ZA? These were iconic dungeons. I couldn't imagine Blizzard just pressing the delete button. Afterall, every expansion has had some form of Troll dungeon. Someone at Blizzard really loves him/her some Trolls.

I, for one, am excited and happy about this news. Three new 5-mans? Woohoo! And we get to relive ZG and ZA! Plus we get the renewed chance at some awesomely epic mounts! ~Drool~ Now I just have to get one of my alts up to 85 so I can play with the big boys. I don't wanna miss out on ZG and ZA.

To all you spoil sports out there. ~Raspberry~

*No offense meant to anyone who is merely going about their business and playing Rift.