Sunday, January 9, 2011

The 20 Days of World of Warcraft: Day Fifteen

What with the Cataclysm (I mean the new expansion, not going back to work, although that is a part of it too), I kind of forgot to finish ye olde 20 days MEME. Here's the beginning of the rest. 

Favourite Battleground and why?

Arathi Basin with Eye of the Storm a close second. It is the most simple Battleground to understand, in my opinion. I don't much care for the complexities and the massive groups that are required for Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest. Warsong Gulch, while the premise is simple, I never cared for capture the flag in grade school, and my feelings have not yet changed.

I think my preference of battleground is primarily because I'm not much of a fighter. I'm really not much of a PVPer, unless I am coerced into it by a good friend. I've only ever done battlegrounds as a healer, so I'm sure that takes its toll on my opinion as well. I'm naturally a defender, and Arathi Basin is perfect for me because of that.

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