Friday, January 7, 2011

Introducing: My New Main?

It ain't easy swingin' this big 'ol mace and keepin' these braids perfectly plaited all at the same time.

Following the guide I made the other day, I started by choosing a class. I've always wanted a Holy Paladin. The first toon I ever made was a Dwarven Paladin, and although she never made it past level 20, that has kind of always been where my heart lies. Knowing that I wanted to be a Paladin, I couldn't bring myself to make a Blood Elf or a Tauren, so if I'm going to be Alliance, I might as well be a Dwarf. Archaeology bonus FTW! I can't wait til I get her to level 20 so I can pick up that profession. Speaking of professions, she's an Herbalist/Scribe. Lord knows I'm going to have my work cut out for me to role-play that.

P.S. Gwennis is on Argent Dawn (US), so if there is any bit of SAN still around, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm on the hunt for my special sort of guild which includes a little bit of everything but especially socializing.


  1. I actually just made a dwarf paladin (female) too yesterday :) I havn't played her yet and it's more to check out the alliance area's, but I love female dwarves ^^

    Have fun with you (perhaps) new main :)

  2. Pallies are ftw. Dorf pallies are cool and Dorf female pallies are the awesomes. Grats on picking a new class that you want to play and I hope that it works out well for you. =D

  3. /Australian accent-Crikey! Folks, it looks like we've just stumbled upon a very rare and very elusive female dorf and this ones got one helluva mace. We best keep our distance.


    Congrats on the new found main. The world of Azeroth needs more female dorfs, especially the holy pally flavor.

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm excited to finally have a Holy Pally and a Dwarf to boot! I still feel the pull of the Shaman, but I think that will have to be a Hordie.

    @Jcache - You totally made me snort mountain dew out my nose!