Thursday, April 21, 2011

In which my new computer brought me to tears

So, just when I said I was back, I was thrown a curve ball and ended up away for another week. I had all sorts of posts planned and many ideas and the freshness of my new main kicking around my head, and BOOM. Crash went my motherboard.

It was bound to happen. I'd been inadvertently trying to destroy that thing ever since I got the computer years ago, so I wasn't completely surprised, but disappointed to have a week without it. I hardly thought I could stand it. Screw the game, I missed my blog!

Happily, yesterday I purchased a replacement with the recommendations of my guardian computer angel. It isn't perfect, and a few upgrades are still in store, but even just out of the box it screams when compared to the old computer.

After re-downloading WoW and getting my addons just so again, I stopped to look. For years I've been playing WoW with the lowest video settings possible. I thought the game was pretty enough. I had no idea. The textures, the sparkles, the details, the water, the air, the spells, even something as simple as the cobblestones in SW... I stopped and played dress-up on Ice, and she looks even more amazing than ever.

And then I had a moment of regret. The very first moment of regret at having deleted Amaranth. Not wishing I could play her, because I am well and over that, but wishing I could see her with the graphics improved. All of the beautiful sets of dress up clothes she had, all of the nifty staves and off-hand frills. I cried a little, just a little, just a moment, for that lost opportunity.

Why, oh, why did I not upgrade my computer sooner?


  1. Awww...well at least you got the upgrades now. But, you'll have new opportunities with more of your future characters to see Azeroth in a brand new way. Glad to hear your new rig is workin good!

  2. Too true. There are many new adventures on the horizon. Heck, I had a blast just running my shaman through silly old Gnomer the other day, because there were spell effects on some of the bosses that I had never been able to see before. My partner in game was with me, and I was all "OMG! What is he doing? Why is everything exploding? We're all gonna die!" And of course my partner had no idea what I was talking about because those spell effects had always been there for him. I'm kind of excited to see everything with fresh eyes.