Friday, April 29, 2011

Something that rarely ever happens...

There he was - just a-tankin BRD
Singing "Doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy doo!*"

*Which Torq/Warrayden tells me translates into "OMG! Ouch! Don't stab me in the eye!"

Long story short, this little gem popped out of my head mid-run in BRD. Now that Ice is 85, I can continue working on poor neglected Audrid. For the first time ever, I have completed BRD at appropriate level in one stretch. Sure we had to replace the tank once and a couple of the DPS, and we had an awesome Turtle/Hunter tank for a good long while (Warrayden), but Audrid and her hunter friend got all the way through it in one sitting. There really ought to be an achievement.

PS. Why is The Eviscerator the only boss in the Ring of Law now? I miss the random bosses!

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