Monday, December 20, 2010

The 20 Days of World of Warcraft: Day Fourteen

Healer, tank or dps?

Healer, healer, healer.

I feel seriously out of my element when I'm not able to heal myself. I've struggled to try to play as a tank and as dps, but I've always come back to healing.

My first toon to make it to high level was a Warlock. In retrospect, I now know what types of toons are more easy and more difficult for me to play. Warlocks were and still are very hard for me. I did try my hand at tanking via a Paladin that I promptly abandoned after reaching level 80, and a Death Knight that still isn't even level 80. I'm currently in the process of attempting to learn to be a dpser (see my many alts).

Since I'm no longer focusing on end game raiding but more on the journey, I think that my time as purely a healer may have come to an end. That said, as a dpser or a tank, my primary goal is always survival, whether it be in a raid or pvp setting or just out questing. There's a reason why I tend to follow roads rather than cross country. The lessons I learned leveling my squishy Priest as Holy stay with me still. Never pull more than one mob or a quick death may ensue.


  1. I'm definitely not a healer. Well, I can be - I do enjoy healing to a certain extent, but I also find it pretty frustrating.

    I hate how dps and even tanks are so lazy and expect you to heal anything. Like after a boss fight.. you're all low on health and mana.. and you sit down to drink. And you see everyone else just standing there.. I just want to yell WHY AREN'T YOU SITTING DOWN TO EAT YOU LAZY BUMS?!

    Instead I have to get my mana back.. heal them to full.. then sit back to drink again..

    But I think I digress :P I think my original point was eh.. not a healer.. but maybe a bit of everything :)

  2. Haha! I have those frustrated moments too, but when it comes to dungeons and raiding, I feel far more comfortable as a healer than in any other role. Some people heal because it will get them into raids, but they don't really like it. Some of us are true healers at heart.

    I actually envy you your versatility. As many times as I try to play as "not a healer" I always end up healing again.

    I think, at the bottom of it all, healing allows me to flex my OCD muscles. I'm absolutely obsessed with keeping the green bars full, even when I can't even heal. My partner in WoW-crime will attest to that. We leveled DKs together, and I made mine a Draenei just so I'd have Gift of the Naaru. Every time it was on cooldown I'd use it, usually on him because he never sat to eat as much as I felt like was needed.

    When I'm questing on my healing-able toons, I will throw heals on any random stranger I see.