Sunday, December 19, 2010

Better Than WoW Bash

I used to be one of those who frequented WoW Bash, reveling in the stupidity of others and generally enjoying the silly things players say, as well as the occasional GM joke. But over the years I feel the quality of the humor and the frequency of updates at that site has degraded, and not just because my submissions are always rejected, although that hasn't hurt my sentiments. So, without further ado, I present my newest column, "Better Than WoW Bash."

And for my first entry, I present:

Spelling Fail 101:

I welcome any and all submissions for this column. Feel free to e-mail DramaSpec at AIM dot com


  1. Restroration? LOL That's brilliant..

    I think what makes it so good is that he's trying to correct someone (who's already correct) and just making it so much worse *lol*

  2. Exactly why I found it hilarious!