Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Stormwind

The first thing I did when I got into Stormwind proper was go to the nearest tavern. The Tram drops you off in the Dwarven District, and it was a right good thing. I don't think I could have got my bearings with none of that weak stuff the Humans drink. Alcohol made of grapes! Bah! It may taste good, but that's about it. No, what I needed was to lose myself in a rowdy Dwarven bar with a good flagon of mead. I found just that at The Golden Keg. I almost felt like I'd never even left Ironforge.

With my drink drunk and my nerves as settled as they were going to be, I headed to the Cathedral Square to seek out The Shadowbreaker. It was with awe that I entered this area of Stormwind.

Right in front of the Cathedral of Light is a beautiful fountain, a monument to The Lightbringer. And then there is the Cathedral itself. It's beautiful, but it sure ain't Dwarven workmanship. Them spires and such are far too dainty for Dwarven sensibilities. It's a wonder the thing weren't damaged when Deathwing came. I'd imagine the power of The Light was what protected it from the dragon's wrath.

I couldn't resist letting a passing gnome snap some pictures of me at these monuments. I don't know much about how the gnomish picture-taker works, but it sure is nice to have some momentos from my trip.

When I entered the Cathedral it was bustling with Paladins and Priests and the faithful, all rushing around to whatever business they had. I nervously looked up to the altar, and there he was, The Shadowbreaker himself. I nearly stumbled over my own feet making my way across the blue and gold carpet to reach him.

I hadn't quite mastered the art of bowing properly without my wild tresses getting themselves in the way, so I opted to kneel before him, hoping I looked humble enough but still strong. He smiled kindly at me, and it made me feel a touch more at ease. He gestured for me to rise and said, "I have been watching your progress, Gwennis, and I can only conclude that The Light shines brightly upon you. You are becoming an exemplary Paladin."

I felt my cheeks warming as I stood up. I knew they were turning beet red with an embarrassed blush. I'm not so used to such praise and it was coming as a shock. And then it only grew worse.

He nodded and continued, "To honor your dedication, King Wrynn has commissioned the royal armorer to forge a special weapon."

And my jaw nearly dropped down to the floor. The King had commissioned a special weapon to honor me?! I don't even know how the Humans had heard of me. The only thing I could think was that Valgar had been telling tales. I knew that he thought I was doing well enough in my training, and I'd been helping the folks in Dun Morogh and Loch Modan to settle things down after all the earthquakes and such, but I didn't think I deserved all this.

Well, turns out there was a catch. The special weapon to be made for me requires special materials. Basically I got to go get them out of Shadowfang Keep, which has lately been infested with the undead. I don't know if they're Forsaken or Scourge, but either way this is a good chance for me to prove, at least to myself if not to my fellow Paladins, that I deserve this weapon.

The Shadowbreaker took me aside to his study to provide me with maps, the list of items I needed to retrieve, and an explanation of what I may be going up against. It was refreshing to be learning from a Human Paladin. I love my people, but it is always good to keep an open mind and to learn different ways of doing things. He taught me a few tricks I may not have learned otherwise.

I spent that night in Stormwind at The Golden Keg and shared a a few drinks with the Hammerbeaks before bedding down. Borna and Dalga are Wildhammer Dwarves, and I haven't had much opportunity to spend much time with our flying cousins. I was curious about their relationship with the gryphons and what it meant to be a Shaman. We chatted maybe a bit too late into the evening, because when I crawled into bed I could see through my window the distant light of the Sun starting to rise on the horizon. It was beyond time to get some rest. When I awoke I'd have to begin planning my trek to Shadowfang Keep.

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