Wednesday, February 23, 2011

That Warlock Itch

I've been reading more and more Warlock blogs lately...

Oddly, I miss Ashwynn.

Since I have deleted my toons I haven't really missed them much, except Ashwynn. She was the last one I expected to miss, afterall, she sat for years as nothing more than my bank alt.

I don't make a good Warlock player. I know this, but I really love having demonic minions. Muahahaha!

Errm... yeah.

So my random six may be expanding to seven, before I've even gotten all of their stories up here. In fact, there are 2 that I haven't even gotten to level 10 yet. Do they make a d7? I don't think so. /sigh

Pardon me while I run off and create Warlock after Warlock deleting them until I find the perfect imp name.


  1. There is a way to rename your Demon in game once it's created - but since you're making a new character it's definitely cheaper to just re-create until you get a good one! (I think it costs something like.. 50g to get a new name, so it's really just for older warlocks who don't like their demons)

    Warlocks are fun to play! I always loved them. They're so deliciously evil ;)

  2. Thanks, Saga. Does this change all of the demons' names or just one? Is it a one time only thing, or can you change the names over and over? I know it still spits out a randomly generated name, so I'm curious how it works.

  3. It as implimented after 4.0.1 when a bunch of warlocks found themselves in possesion of brand new demons. I didnt really pay much attention because I never really paid attention to any of Tiktikboom's demon's names... other than the succubus, Distai... but that's cuz its purrfect. It's 50g per demon per service and i don't believe there's a limit on how many times you use it, but again, I wasnt all that interested so I could be wrong.

  4. Oh, I remember the infamous Demon abduction of 4.0.1. I think that Blizzard managed to restore most names, since after that I logged on Ashwynn (probably weeks later) and she still had Biznip, Disynn and Kraknak. Man, did I get some awesome demon names... Must have got lucky...

    ~sigh~ Dammit! Now I'm missing Ashwynn again...