Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another 20 Days (Day 3)

Saga at Spellbound has come up with her very own 20 Days of WoW Blogging challenge - this is Day 3.

Your first day playing WoW

I remember the crunching sound the snow made under my toon's feet, and it even left little footprints in the snow. I remember climbing up the hill to reach Ironforge, the great statue of Anvilmar greeting you as you enter the gates.  It was stunning. And then, when you actually enter The Great Forge and see the lava flowing, it was amazing. I fell in love with Ironforge on my first day playing WoW. I remember flying to Ironforge on my very first flight, which was also my very first screenshot.

(which I still have in my folder of screenshots)

And then I looked around and realized that all of the people flipping and prancing and sparkling around me were real people all around the world playing this game with me. It was love at first sight. I didn't wait for my trial to end before I started paying to play. I think it was two days later and I couldn't wait any longer to be able to chat and send mail and join a guild, all that fun stuff.

The other thing I remember from my first days, was realizing that Paladins in WoW don't play the same as Paladins in other games. Although it may be the same premise, Paladins were too different from what I had grown accustomed to in other games. So after leveling Orenda into her 20s, I deleted her in favor of a Warlock, mostly because the friend who introduced me to WoW said they were easy to level.

The Warlock ended up not being the best choice for me either, but that's a story for another day.


  1. That's so cool you still have your first screenshot!

    I sadly lost a lot of mine when I switched computers (was a noob and forgot to save the screenshot folder). I did however have a few shots saved in a different folder, one of them being my first flight as well.. it was just such an awesome feeling to be on a flying mount soaring across the sky!

  2. It's totally cool... until you realize that means I've had the same computer this whole time. Things don't run quite as smoothly as they used to. I don't think I could even do 25 mans if I wanted to. Last time I did a 25 man dungeon it was the Wrath version of Onyxia and my video card just couldn't handle it. My motherboard can't handle a better video card, so upgrading my computer at this point basically means a new computer. Which is what I'm saving up for right now, that and a trip to Boston/Providence.