Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Introducing Osimi

Osimi is a taxidermist and a master of anatomy. She has killed and dissected just about every type of creature you can imagine (or at least she had back on her home planet). She is a hunter and a lover of beasts. In this new world she has made it her mission to discover and understand all of the natural creatures of Azeroth.

Her current companion of choice is a white crab with turquoise markings that she named Acrimonious. She chose him for the strength of his claws and the hardness of his shell, and of course, for his googly eyes.

Her prized possession is her skinning knife, which she keeps immaculately honed, sharpening it at least every night before bed.

Her Draenei companions tell her she should live her life more closely to the Light and not delve in these unsavory hobbies, but she could care less what they think. There is nothing she likes better than spending a day (or night) in the wilds, getting her hands dirty either befriending the wildlife or hunting them for her research.

The thing she despises more than all others is corruption. She has a fierce hatred for the Blood Elves for their part in aiding the demons of the Legion. She cannot stand to be anywhere near a warlock. She believes their kind is beyond reproach. She cannot fathom that a warlock could work with the dark arts and not eventually become corrupted by it, despite their best intentions.

She prefers to keep to the countryside where she is least likely to encounter a demon or warlock or other forms of corruption. If she must go to a city she prefers to return to her people at the Exodar, or Darnassus, because the Night Elves aren't very tolerant of corruption either.

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