Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another 20 Days (Day 4)

Saga at Spellbound has come up with her very own 20 Days of WoW Blogging challenge - this is Day 4.

Your best WoW memory

There is absolutely no way I could possibly choose just one. The things I most love, the best memories, are the little moments that add up into my whole experience of WoW. So, instead of one, I give you my best WoW memories, all of them in chronological order.

  1. Questing in Darkshore with MLJ, a fellow Priest.
  2. Bumping into a vivacious little bear Druid, Jezz, in Tanaris and begging her to run ZF with me, to no avail. She hated ZF.
  3. Bumping into Jezz again in Booty Bay - being complimented on my Whitemane's Chapeau. We were inseparable after this - and ran many, many dungeons together.
  4. Running Sunken Temple with the Eclipse crew and joining the guild right after that run. I miss you, Ever, Dak, Ferg, Beo and many others.
  5. Discovering the joys of Ventrilo with the "old folks" in Eclipse.
  6. Jezz and I running into MLJ at Scholomance - so of course we had to have a Night Elf dance party.
  7. Going through the Dark Portal for the first time and exploring Outlands (with Jezz).
  8. Doing Children's Week events for the first time with Jezz.
  9. Running Mana Tombs over and over with Halpy.
  10. Wiping and struggling to get through Shadow Labs regular at level 68.
  11. Ding! Level 70 while questing in Nagrand.
  12. Forming Lesson Learned with Jezz, Pizzle, Cryion and Arctic.
  13. Having the Hallowed Trousers ninja'd from me on every single Sethekk Halls run. I didn't get new pants until I paid a fellow tailor to craft me the Whitemend Pants (the recipe wouldn't drop for me in The Arc). This is the origination of PANTS! When I finally replaced my pants I yelled out PANTS! in vent, I was so excited to finally have an upgrade for my legs.
  14. Baby steps to raiding - Heroics and Kara were HARD!
  15. Attempting Kara with a tank that was under Def cap. We eventually turned him into a pretty darn good tank.
  16. Doing Love is in the Air for the first time with Spell.
  17. Hours spent in the Aldor Bank in Shattrath just hanging out.
  18. Amani Warbear and 10 man raiding crits Lesson Learned for over 9000 - guild disbands - do not pass Go, do not collect $200.
  19. I'm in Resolution - I'm not in Resolution - I'm in Resolution - I'm not in Resolution. MLJ, you're a good friend for putting up with my guild hopping ways.
  20. Enjoying the sage advice of CrankyRaina and others during the peak of the now defunct Guild Relations Forums. I miss you, Raina. <3
  21. Getting revenge on Vashj (albeit at level 80).
  22. Running Battlegrounds with Waric, Nef and Sky.
  23. Tanking dungeons on my Death Knight. Discovering that I like tanking if I have a friend along. Thank you, Torq.
  24. Having Altitis and exploring Silvermoon on an RP server.
  25. Questing through Stonetalon Mountains on a Hordie post Shattering - the storyline is incredible!
  26. Deleting my high level toons in favor of my alts - this has been the most freeing of all experiences.

I guess it's noticeable that I'm a BC Baby. ~shrug~ I am what I am. I guess it may also be noticeable that while I did raid during Wrath, the kills and experiences therein were not such great memories for me. I should be including my Kingslayer kill on this list, but there's just too much negative that went with that kill that I just can't enjoy that memory.

~raises a glass~ Here's to making more wonderful memories! ~clink~ ~gulp~


  1. Aww what a list of wonderful memories! That cheered me up no end. I'm being horribly unfaithful at present and am playing in Telara but this has made me determined to go and give my azeroth characters some time tomorrow! And re No. 26. I'm really glad that you haven't regretted it!

  2. Those are some great memories :)

    I did delete a few higher level characters to re-level, but with my current lack of time I'm starting to regret it. But eventually I'm sure I'll find the time to do the leveling.

    Here's to making more great memories! :)

  3. that's gutsy! I applaud you! My wife wondered why I never reactivated my old account but instead activated a brand new one. It is liberating...but I am the SUPREME Altiholic anyhow. Kudos to you, and an awesome post!!!

  4. @Pilf - Just promise me you're not abandoning Azeroth forever? I might be with you, exploring Telara, if only my computer would run Rift. ~sigh~

    @Saga - I'm so sorry you regret it. Deleting high level toons isn't for everyone. I'm kind of vocal in trade chat sometimes, and lately I've been getting people asking me how many 85s I have. Makes for an interesting conversation when they find out I've deleted my high level toons. Most people are appalled.

    @Mhorgrim - Wow! I thought about doing the same, just de-activating my account and starting a new one, but then I wouldn't have all my golds! And you're calling me gutsy!