Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another 20 Days (Day 7)

Saga at Spellbound has come up with her very own 20 Days of WoW Blogging challenge - this is Day 7.

The reason behind your blog’s name

When I started blogging I was so anxious to begin that I didn't take the time that I should have to come up with a name for my blog. I began blogging at Love and War in Azeroth. It was a spur of the moment decision, and I grew to regret it. The love part was something I could get behind, but the contrasting war was difficult for me to put into use in my blog. I never really was Love and War in Azeroth, it was just a label for a blog. That is part of the reason I ended up moving my blog here to Specced for Drama.

Around the time of the dramatic guild blow-up over 10 man raiding and the Amani War Bear (among other things) I started joking around with guildies and friends about making a guild called Specced for Drama. Eventually I did just that and my bank alt was the Drama Queen. It was just a bank guild, but I liked it. I liked it so much that it has become the name of my blog.

As much as I don't really like guild drama when I'm directly and emotionally involved in it, I do enjoy it from the voyeur's perspective. Drama is conducive to inspiration and creativity when it comes to writing (at least it is for me). I love lore, the dramatic story that unfolds as we level up questing through this changed Azeroth. I love the artistic and dramatic aspects of role-playing. These are the things that I am searching for in the game now. Every day I become more and more drama spec, and I love it.

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  1. I quite like the name myself - I think anyone who's ever been in a guild, or even played WoW or... played.. can relate to the fact that there's drama everywhere (especially guilds).

    I really like the name of your bank guild, I wanted mine as Spellbound but it was sadly taken (I also wanted my main guild to rename themselves, but they're just not buying it pfff).