Thursday, May 5, 2011

And now for something completely different...

I've always dreamed of being a writer. It was never about the money or the fame, or even or the love of literature. It was about touching others the way that I've been touched by the authors that I love. There is something magic in reading the words that others have written, whether it be an article in a magazine, an epic fiction series, or one of our blogs.

We touch each other with our words. That touch can invoke any number of reactions, from rage to lust, from sadness to joy, and everything in between. Perhaps it is a selfish goal, but I want to touch others in that way.

I still don't feel as though I've found my voice. The voice I write with here is my speaking voice. I find that I want more from myself, but I'm unsure of how to push it out. The key, I'm sure, is putting more time and effort into my writing, which is something I rarely do with my blog posts. The posts with the most effort put into them are my little guides and my bits of Fan Fic. It may end up being pretty near impossible for me to coax much more into my writing in the near future, as I am heading into the busy season at work and hours are growing even longer than they already are, but I'm going to try.

At times I feel as though I'd like to move beyond the game with my writing. In the near future there may be added spaces here for things outside of WoW, but the blog as a whole will remain a WoW blog. If you're interested, I'll encourage you to check out the things that I'll hopefully be adding. Any and all feedback is welcomed.


  1. Perhaps unsuprisingly, I totally get this post. I kinda wish I'd written it...

    One of the reasons I now run two blogs is that I really love writing. I love my WoW-blog, I love the feeling of being a (very) small part of a blogging community but I also love my non-WoW one for the freedom it gives me to write about whatever I choose to. It's a balance that works well for me. I highly recommend it!

    Can I also recommend NaNoWriMo (if you haven't already tried/done it) for the push it gives you to just... write? I got on board last year, and although I fell well short of completing it, I did make 30,000 words which I'm still damn proud of. All things being equal, I'm going to try again this year.

    Also, personally I like your 'voice' but I understand what you mean by it being your 'speaking voice' as I kinda feel that way about what I write. Being so narrative is causing me issues at present as I have to try and switch off from 'blog mode' and write academic essays, which I find unnatural and tough to do. I'm sure it's good for me though...

    And I hope this goes without saying but just in case it is one of those things that needs to just be said anyways... if you want to bounce writing ideas (or whatever) of anyone I'm very emailable...

    (OHeh - capatcha was 'skibe' which I mis-read as 'scribe'. This has amused me!)

  2. There is nothing wrong with moving your writing beyond the game. If you keep your main page WoW orientated and your additional writing on seperate tab, that's a solid way to work things. I think Anna did that with her blogs, though she kept them completely seperate. Anyway's I always look forward to your writing, sometimes it gives me spin off ideas as well for my own creativity.

  3. Pilf - Thanks so much for the encouragement. I have thought about NaNoWriMo. I've other friends that have participated in it. One even finished their novel, and I helped them edit it. I'm just not sure I have the inspiration or discipline to stick to it. While I do have stories floating around in my head that I'd like to get out. I don't have one big novel size idea, and I'm not sure I'd get very far without that.

    Mhorgrim - That was precisely my intention, to make a tab for my other writing and stuff not related to WoW.