Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another 20 Days (Day 10)

Saga at Spellbound has come up with her very own 20 Days of WoW Blogging challenge - this is Day 10.

Blog/Website favorites

My favorite blog used to be Righteous Orbs. Who didn't love the witty and unapologetic Tam and Chas? Then my favorite blog was The Gray Place, again for the intelligent yet unapologetic wit. Sadly both of these blogs have come to their end. Now, my favorite blog is Moar Alts, I think mainly because I feel as though Pilf and I sometimes follow the same paths. A close second goes to I Like Pancakes, beautiful artwork and a no-nonsense approach to the game as well as RP. ~points at the blogroll~ This is not to say that I love any of the about a hundred blogs that I read any less. It's hard to choose a favorite. The two I've chosen are the two bloggers I feel I can most identify with.

As far as websites go, like much of the population, I frequent Wowhead (phallic icon ftw). I'm also a big fan of Warcraft Realms, because inquiring minds wanna know just how many mages there are on that there realm. For profession guides I tend to go to The Noob School (even though there are ads to gold sellers on their pages). Although as a second choice I'd recommend Crafter's Tome, although sometimes a bit slow to load, there is tons of information to be found there.


  1. Oh, oh, oh... *shuffles feet and looks at the floor*. Ama, I don't know what to say. You've been so lovely about me in more than one blog post - please, please be assured that it's a mutual feeling and I feel very... well, honoured. And with that I should get off my butt and write a blog post, I guess! *hugs, hugs and more hugs*

  2. And I fail at my various blogger accounts. It's taken me about 3 hours to realise that it's not Blogger failing - it's me. So yeah, what I wrote above, but from Pilf... if you get what I men!

  3. I totally get you. Even though, in my mind, Pilf and Quixotic are one and the same, they are you. ~hugs~ Thank you for sharing with the world your thoughts about WoW, but also all the rest of it.

  4. I'm honored to be second! Thank you.