Friday, May 20, 2011


Pugnacious Priest wrote a post about where we like to chill found here, and I've found it rather inspiring.

Stormwind is the place to be, and specifically the Dwarven District is quite populous due to it's proximity to the portals to Cataclysm zones. I have to admit that Ice spends much of her time there, but I've not completely abandoned my other favorites.

Both Audrid and my new gnome have set Ironforge as their home, and I have to admit it's rather nice and quiet now. I can remember the hotbed that Ironforge once was during Vanilla. I was just a wee newbie back then, and I can remember looking at all the level 60 characters and their Epic gear, wondering if I'd ever make it that far. I guess I've come a long way since then, and so has the game itself. Ironforge feels almost as deserted as Darnassus now.

My bank alt, Levi, lives in Dalaran still. She likes to hang out with Frozo outside of Like Clockwork and groove to the hum of the nearby Chopper's rumbling motor. She occasionally takes a trip to One More Glass, for a visit with Christi Stockton and a glass of Dalaran Red. I've discovered that I'm not the only one still chilling in Dalaran either. It may be just a shadow of what it once was, but it seems more populous than Ironforge.

I still miss Shattrath. The Aldor Bank was Ama's home. So many hours spent there, laughing and chatting, dancing and playing dress-up, napping in the piles of gold. It will never be the same since I no longer have Ama anymore, but the memories live on.

Where do you find yourself hanging out?


  1. Back when Q was my only real toon, I used to go and hang out in Silvermoon. I found out very early on in my WoW career that Silvermoon was completely dead, because Org and Dal where things were happening. (I started playing in Wrath days.)

    Those days are long gone, along with the portals, but Q frequents Dragonmaw Port.

    Tomakan, naturally, hangs around Shattrath for now. I'm working on Outland Loremaster on him, and really, outside of the Exodar where else would a Draenei be?

    Now Neve.... She's got that nice teleport spell, so she does split her time between Dalaran and Silvermoon. The peace and quiet of all of these sites is really appealing to me, although I've agitated in the past for more NPCs in the underutilized cities.

  2. Heh, I remember being a Shatt babe all through TBC :) Also, Ironforge (on my PvE server anyways) was *the* place to wave your epeen. My (uber arrogant) GM at the time used to spend a lot of time there...

    For me (and when I say 'me' I mean 'Pilf') it was always Silvermoon or Eversong Woods, especially around the coastline. No suprises there I bet?

  3. I like to go out to the cliffs of Aszura near Mt Hyjal. The waterfalls are awesome and so is the fishing. Its my peaceful zone.

  4. Shattrath still makes me go all sentimental, too. So many good memories from TBC... things seemed more intense back then, or is it just the veil of nostalgia that makes me think that?
    Nowadays I absolutely love to hang out in Ironforge with my Dwarves. Of course they have their hearthstones there, inconvenient or not. With the Draenei I just started playing again I always made a point of only visiting class and profession trainers in the Exodar, and that way I began to love that city a lot, partly for its quiet, but also for the soundtrack and the general sense of tranquility that the Draenei radiate.

    On horde, though, I've always been a boring Orgrimmar child. Thunder Bluff and Undercity are both awesome cities, but I always spent my idling time where everyone else did, in the Valley of Honor. Nowadays both my horde guilds kind of moved in in the Tauren district, so I spend most time there, although my hearth is set to the Valley of Spirits, since I'm a Troll and the place is awesome. :)