Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(D)Rifting Away

I know, I said my blog would be a Rift free zone. I know, I've long been a proponent of WoW, defending it at all costs. But that was back when there was no way my computer could run Rift. Yes, I know, I'm a terrible hypocrite, traitor, whatever...

My silence has been due to playing the Rift trial. Having played it, I think I may have fallen in love. Granted I haven't gotten that far, but so far it has been wonderful. There is always a chance that I will come back to WoW, but right now I'm (d)Rifting away.

I fully intend to create a more personal blog where I can talk about things not WoW specific, because I've really missed blogging. However, without any WoW related content to post I shall be silent. I will follow up with a link to my personal blog in the coming days.

I want to thank all of my readers, especially those who comment. You've become like friends to me. If you are going to miss me, know that I am going to miss you even more.


  1. If you enjoy Rift, you should play Rift :) I have nothing against the game - or any other game, really. I just don't play it myself. I started the 7 day trial as well, but ended up too busy and I imagine it already expired now, with me only having had an hour to play!

    If you end up making a more personal blog I will most likely hop over and read it - I enjoy personal blogs as much as I do WoW blogs (I'm a total blogophile), and would love to read it.

    It's always nice having a writing outlet - be it a WoW blog or any other kind of blog :)

  2. Know the feeling well :)

    Make sure you stay in touch - I'd hate to lose my scary twin of the internets *hugs*

  3. Welcome to the Rifties!

    It's a very good game. Maybe not as good as World of Warcraft, but the content is all new, as are many game mechanics, which makes it fun if you're a little jaded with WOW.

  4. Aww just when I'd come back too! Rift was fantastic but 2 months was enough for me. Hope it's enough for you too so you come back ;) Do await the second blog though! I have one of those and it's lovely having an outlet for everything else :)

  5. I hope you enjoy Rift. I really enjoyed my Rift break but it only lasted about a month and a half. I think I'd have played longer if my guild hadn't self-destructed.

    Looking forward to your personal blog!

  6. I want to thank each and every one of you for commenting. As Jaedia has said, maybe I will come back to WoW after a few months. I've read her post on her personal blog about why she quit Rift and went back to WoW. I can understand her reasoning. I don't know if I'll have the same experience,but I can see it is possible. Time will tell.

  7. A bit late, but, have fun with Rift! I keep hearing it's a good game, and you know, staying with a game just because you feel obliged to or because you said you would is futile. It's good you chose to play what you like playing. So, have fun, and lots of it! :)*hugs*