Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Patches and Growing Pains

If you don't like WoW anymore GTFO and quit complaining about it. No one cares that you think Cataclysm has been the worst expansion ever. No one wants to hear you rant about how Blizzard ruined MMOs. Go play Rift* or whatever the flavor of the season is and good riddance!

If I cared that Blizzard was recycling old content I wouldn't have bought Cataclysm. The entire expansion has been based around this main theme of revamping the old world. Are you really shocked and awed that they're bringing back ZG and ZA? These were iconic dungeons. I couldn't imagine Blizzard just pressing the delete button. Afterall, every expansion has had some form of Troll dungeon. Someone at Blizzard really loves him/her some Trolls.

I, for one, am excited and happy about this news. Three new 5-mans? Woohoo! And we get to relive ZG and ZA! Plus we get the renewed chance at some awesomely epic mounts! ~Drool~ Now I just have to get one of my alts up to 85 so I can play with the big boys. I don't wanna miss out on ZG and ZA.

To all you spoil sports out there. ~Raspberry~

*No offense meant to anyone who is merely going about their business and playing Rift.


  1. Amen to that. The forums have been much to filled with "Cataclysm sux" QQ for my taste. While I may only be watching the game play from the sidelines atm, I think Blizz did a brilliant job with revamping old Azeroth (which many people where asking for anyways). Just seems like many players have either "gimme gimme" syndrome or just long time player burnout (it happens). Most seem to suffer from the first ailment though.

    Blizz gave Azeroth revamped quests, new raids, new races, flying in Azeroth itself (yay!) and all some of it's players seem do is say "Is that it? I'm bored..." So incredibly bratty, imo.

    I'm pretty stoked about the ZA/ZG revamp. While I still have a pretty sore spot from where ZG was ripped out of my heart, I'm pretty happy to see it coming back to us. Go go gadget new recycled content! :D

  2. Exactly, Saz. I totally understand burnout, but it really feels like people who quit WoW go through the 7 grieving steps - and the Anger one lasts forever. Or maybe it really is just a gimme gimme attitude, like you said. It's hard to say.

    Its not just the forums either. Sometimes it seems we are in this bizarro world where there is a whole community of Anti-WoW bloggers to parallel us. I remove blogs from my blogroll if they get too Anti-WoW, but every once in a while I happen upon them and they really get me going, which I suppose is their purpose for being.

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  3. WoW is a big part of a lot of people's lives, so I can see where the grieving steps may come into play.

    I've just been seeing a ton of "Well, Blizz broke this..." "I don't want that..." "They should give us this..." "Screw this, Blizz broke the game." and so on and so forth. Basically, Blizz has been trying do implement a lot of what they see as potential positive changes and many of the players want a big say in how it's done. I think my biggest problem with the whole ordeal is that Blizz seems to be doing more catering (while not necessarily a bad thing when done in moderation) than sticking to their decisions.

    It's basically like when you give a kid what they want one to many times...pretty soon they just want it all; if you fail to provide what they want when they want it, tantrums are to be had. It just seems WoW has become saturated with opinion, and try as Blizz may, they need to learn that they can't make every person happy. They need to do what is best for the game in the long run, not cater to the minor QQ of the now.

    This isn't to say that all the complaints I've heard are bad. There are a legitimate amount of issues going on with a lot of class/raid mechanics as well as PvP balance issues, but I think most of these are the result of Blizz's tendency to cave. The designers are trying to do too much at once, thus they end up shooting themselves in the foot. I think our troll friends see this on some level and feed off of it while the rest of the community simply feels it and is somewhat crushed by how things are going.

    Even in the few years I've been playing the vibe of WoW has changed drastically. I can see how some people grieve for the loss of the "good ol' days." It's almost like someone came into your house and redecorated for you while you were gone. Sure, it's still your house but it's just not the same. I guess? Definitely lost where I was going with that analogy : P

    As far as WoW blogs go, pessimism happens. People's views change. WoW is like a significant other sometimes; sometimes they change and people have a hard time coping with that and they deal with it in negative ways (in this case saying negative things about something they once loved enough to blog about). Makes me want to dig into the "why"s of why they're saying what they're saying. Then again, I just like to figure people out.


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  4. Wow! You totally critted with that comment! I'm not sure I have anything to add. I think I agree with everything you said (especially the part where I got a 1337 buff).