Friday, December 17, 2010

The 20 Days of World of Warcraft: Day Thirteen

Which faction are you “for”?

This is actually the hardest question for me to answer, especially now. If you had asked me prior to The Shattering I would have easily said that I'm For The Horde, even though my mains are Alliance. Now, I'm not so sure. I need to play out the rest of the Horde story now to really come to a conclusion.

Things are in a lot of turmoil, and it really feels as though Garrosh and Sylvanas have really lost it. I've all but stopped questing on my Troll Druid, mostly because I really don't like killing Night Elves.

We find out in the Worgen starting area that Sylvanas is still producing and using The Plague. No more blaming it on Putress. I'm horrified, but morbidly curious, and I just don't know how to feel.

I keep trying to explain it away by saying to myself, "How would you feel if you'd been through all that Sylvanas has?" I still have a glimmer of hope that her humanity still exists in some small way, else what was all of that nonsense with the "Lament of the Highborne?" Maybe it's time she had a sit down with her sisters. Maybe that would do the trick. By the way, where the eff are Alleria and Turalyon anyway?

I'm working my Worgen through Darkshore now and am anxious to get to Ashenvale to see what the quests are like on that side, to see if the Night Elves really deserve the hate the Horde is giving them.

I started a Forsaken. I was brought back to life by a Valkyr. I have to go around and attempt to recruit the undead who were killed at Southshore to join the Forsaken. Big Brother (or should I say sister) says you have a choice to join the Forsaken or not, but really... do you? Is death really a choice? Why are there Valkyr aiding the Forsaken?

I'm not sure if all of this really makes me For The Alliance. There's a kind of romance to playing the villain. Are the Horde the villains of the game once more? I don't really know the answer to that question. Until I do I have no answer to this question.

Note to Blizzard: WTB Neutral Faction.


  1. Well I dunno because the Humans are a bit :/ too. As much as I'm not fond of the Horde (might be one but.. yeah..), I do think I prefer the Alliance. Generally, looking at the lore, neither are very neutral, they're both a bit crap, but they both have a neutral-ish faction in the Night Elves and the Tauren which *kind of* makes up for it. Horde are worse though :p

  2. You're absolutely right, Jaedia. Looking at the lore, there is very little neutrality, and what little to be found is mostly seen in the Night Elves and Tauren, mostly due to the commonality of Druidism.

    One of my friends made the comment the other day that Cataclysm has put the War back in World of Warcraft. So far it seems to be true.