Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cataclysm: For the Horde?

Following yesterday's post about factions, I decided to hop on my idle Troll Druid and completed the quests in Stonetalon Mountains. Potential SPOILERS ahead, proceed with caution. If you have not yet quested through Stonetalon Mountains as Horde, I would highly recommend it.

It started to get good when Amatzi was given the task to take a giant bomb to Cliffwalker Post via hot air balloon. An ingenious goblin idea sure to backfire if ever I'd heard one.

Strangely, the trip was uneventful. But as soon as she arrived she realized there was trouble. Chieftan Cliffwalker, a Tauren Druid, is engaged in an argument with General Grebo about his wish to destroy the local Night Elf Druid enclave, presumably because they have weapons of mass destruction. Remind you of anything?

Long story short, Cliffwalker had sent his son to prove that the Night Elves did not have WMDs, but he had not returned. Of course, Amatzi has to investigate. So she made her way to Thal'darah Grove, and pressed through the throng of frightened young Druids, to discover Orthus Cliffwalker dead clutching a Krom'gar General's Insignia.

She made her way back to Cliffwalker Post and gave the dire news to the chief and his wife, Masha. Unhappy would be an understatement of the feelings the Cliffwalkers then had. The only Krom'gar General in the area is none other than Grebo. Chief Cliffwalker confronts him, and the general readily admits his guilt with no remorse, laughing in the face of the mourning Cliffwalker and calling his child weak.

It takes a lot to provoke the ire of a Tauren. They are naturally a patient people, but Cliffwalker cannot stand for this, and so exacts his revenge on the wicked Grebo.

Of course, being of the next highest rank in the Krom'gar army, Amatzi is given the unenviable task of going to tell Overlord Krom'gar of what has happened at Cliffwalker Post. Being a fellow Druid, she felt that Cliffwalker was right in all of his choices, and it is with growing dread that she made her way back to Krom'gar. She is promoted to General to take Grebo's place at Cliffwalker, and is told to meet Krom'gar there to accept the position.

The dread in her heart was well founded, for Krom'gar's wrath was predictable. She returned to Cliffwalker Post after the Overlord has made his way there, to find Masha dead by his hands. Then Krom'gar forces Chief Cliffwalker to witness the destruction of the Druidic grove, and Amatzi is given the task to "Learn what it means to be Horde!"

At this point I was in tears and absolutely horrified. I couldn't believe that the Horde could be this corrupt. But then, the biggest shock of all occurred and all was redeemed.

Garrosh appeared and dealt with the corruption and dishonorable behavior of Krom'gar by promptly dropping him off of the cliff. It is only through the mercy of Chieftain Cliffwalker that Amatzi is still with us, for Garrosh's wrath was then turned to Krom'gar's nearest general.

All of the multitudes of quests leading up to this point in which Amatzi has mercilessly slaughtered Night Elves has been redeemed by this one honorable act on the part of Hellscream. I can now truly say that I am For The Horde!

I no longer have any doubts about Garrosh's ability as Warchief. I am, however, concerned that there are forces in the world, whether malicious or not, that wish to undermine the Warchief's will. The doubts in the hearts of the other Horde leaders and the newness and inexperience of young Hellscream are making it quite easy for his word to be less than law, and he must be ever vigilant until he has gained the respect that Thrall had as Warchief.


  1. I'm going to quest there with my second goblin. My hubbie already told me how great it was, but this convinced me :)

  2. Oh gosh! I hope I didn't spoil it for you!