Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Janyaa at Muradin Musings has posted a special Cataclysm Meme, and I could not resist.

1. Disk or Download?
Errm... It's complicated. Technically download. Basically I changed the settings in my WTF files in advance to allow Cata to download via the launcher, then it was just a matter of getting the CD key.

2. Did you experience any difficulties? IE: Login servers crashing, late delivery, etc?
No issues whatsoever, unless you count the multitudes of people milling about ruining my immersion, but we all knew that was going to happen.

3. What are you doing first? IE: Speed leveling to 85, rolling a new race, completely avoiding the new content, etc?
I am experiencing the new high level content, slowly and methodically going through every zone, avoiding dungeons, and occasionally taking a break by messing around on a Worgen and Goblin. In other words, rather than speed leveling, I am slowly leveling to 85.

4. Mt. Hyjal or Vash'jir?
Mount Hyjal, hands down. I did both of these zones consecutively, but I started in Mount Hyjal. Both zones are beautiful and the quests are well-constructed, but I'd say that Hyjal is a little bit easier to cope with just because it is not underwater.

5. Worgen or Goblin?

6. Questing, dungeons or both?
Questing and avoiding dungeons until 85. I know this may not be the optimal way to do things, but its the way I'm doing it.

7. What was the first piece of gear you replaced and with what?
The very first thing I replaced was my Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff with a Repurposed Twilight Stave. I know it is perhaps a side-grade rather than an upgrade, but I was beyond ready to change gear.

8. Did you take any time off from work or school?
I'm currently unemployed, so the short answer is no. I have continued working towards finding work even as I play, and I have a few promising leads. Cross your fingers for me.

9. Will you be keeping the same spec and main, or changing to a different toon?
I had decided already that my main would be my Druid in Cata, and so it is. I've been leveling Boomkin, and have yet to try out healing as I haven't been in any dungeons yet.
10. What's been your favorite aspect of Cataclysm so far?
The story has been the best thing. It's been so easy to get completely into the story and forget about everything else. All of the stress about hurrying up and leveling, the concern about keeping up on professions has gone right out the window in favor of just enjoying the game solo for what it is.


  1. Hi,Ama! Thanks for for joining the meme fun. I have to say, I'm not usually much of a quester. I tend to be all about raiding. However, I've really enjoyed the questing experience in Cata so far, too. The text is hilarious and the cutscenes make the game feel like an interactive movie.

    Good luck on your job search!

  2. Thank you for sharing the meme. It was a lot of fun. And thank you for the luck, because I just got word from my previous employer that they are in a position to reverse the lay-offs they had done. I'm going back to work!