Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stormshield: Tha Beginnin'

I been piratin' off o' tha Borean Tundra pretty much fer a few years. I know, it ain't quite right stealin' from tha people goin' ta battle tha Lich King, but a gal's got ta make a livin'. Things got real quiet once Arthas be sent ta Davy Jones' locker. Once tha bulk o' tha army be back ta where they come from, both Horde an' Alliance, there weren't much ta do.

I be takin' a break from tha old heave ho, an' be spendin' mah days fishin'. I made up a kinship with tha walrus people, whadaya call 'em? Kalu'ak? They taught meh some o' their fishin' tricks an' I was obliged not ta hornswaggle 'em when I had goods ta trade. They even gave meh a li'l 'ol penguin they found on some iceberg somewheres as a friendship gift er somethin'. They had some right good herb they smoked in their pipes too. I wish that stuff grew everywhere... Anyways, what were I sayin'?

Oh yah, meh an' Bucko (that's what I call tha penguin) be relaxin' an' fishin' an' havin' a blast, but things be real quiet, almost too quiet. Tha Kvaldir wasn't even raidin' no more. An' then tha waves come. I been a freebooter fer as long as I can remember and I ain't never seen no waves like these. There be waves an' waterspouts an' then there be tha water spirits too.

Bein' a Storm Caller mehself, like meh mother before meh and her mother an' on down tha line, I done meh best ta calm tha spirits, but they wasn't happy and wasn't nothin' I could do. Tha waves was bigger'n Ironforge mountain itself, an' they be poundin' tha ship ta smithereens, an' I thought fer sure I be ready to feed tha fish. I be goin' down with meh ship, but Bucko didn't have ta go with meh. I kept tryin' ta shoo him away, but tha bilge-suckin' fool wouldna leave meh.

Last thing I remember be tha mast fallin' an' I be half runnin' an' half swimmin', Bucko at meh side, then somethin' hit meh in tha head an' tha lights went out. Next thing I know I be surrounded by these li'l runts with all these gadgets an' doodads an' I dunno whatall and meh head on fire with tha pain.

That be how I met Fangle. He be tellin' meh ta sit still fer ta heal meh up. How's a gal supposed ta sit still when she been through all that? I didn'a know where I was er who tha li'l buggers was, nor what had happened, and I guess I still don't.

These li'l guys be sayin' we just fell from tha sky, but that can't be true, can it? Some way Bucko made it here with meh, an' Light's Truth that be a miracle, sure an' true. Light knows how I got here, but I be thankful he be here too.

One thing I do know, that Fangle be a darn good healer. He done fixed Bucko an' meh up right good. Tha only trouble be he's takin' a likin' to meh, an' goes with me everywhere. It ain't all bad, but I ain't rightly sure he knows what he be gettin' himself into. I ain't exactly an angel from heaven. I be happy ta have tha company though, as Bucko don't say much. Har Har Har!

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