Saturday, December 4, 2010

The 20 Days of World of Warcraft: Day Eleven

Ama watches on as Jezz practices her torch tossing
Favorite WoW Holiday

Warm thoughts for a cold and snowy weekend (at least where I am). My favorite WoW Holiday is the Midsummer Fire Festival. There are a couple of reasons for this. The biggest is that it reminds me of one of the people I met in game that has most influenced my life, Jezzabell. She was a my best friend and my light when I was going through a very dark time in my life, and I am ever thankful for her companionship. We spent a lot of the in-game holidays together, but the Fire Festival is the one that stands out most to me. We spent it together, just the two of us, running around Azeroth, honoring the Alliance flames and dousing the Horde. We attempted to kill Ahune every day we could, but somehow each time we failed (this was the first year he was introduced, and we were not prepared).

The best things about the Fire Festival?

Toasted Smorcs - I suppose these are rather caster specific, but who can resist smorcs?!

Torch Tossing - There's nothing more fun than juggling fire!

Brazier of the Dancing Flames - What can I say about this awesome prize? If you thought the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire was awesome, just wait til you see this! No one can resist dancing with a hot Draenei!

Searing Scorchling and Frigid Frostling - Non-combat pets ftw! I only wish the two would fight when both are out in the same area.

The Frostscythe of Lord Ahune - New this last season, the scythe is perfect for us Death fans. Who doesn't want to wield a scythe?

The Midsummer Reveler set - Hot! Hot! Hot! (Ama wears this set above in the blog banner).

Crown of the Fire Festival - Add this to your Midsummer Reveler set and you're even hotter!

This is by no means a guide, just my list of favorites about the holiday (which ended up being just about everything). If you're looking for a guide, Wowhead has you covered.

P.S. I can't wait til the Ice Stone has melted... again.

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