Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun in PuGs - Dire Maul North

Well, it was an adventure that began with the level 45 tank saying, "I'm not sure if I'm high enough level for this dungeon."

Of course, the dungeon finder wouldn't throw you in a dungeon you're not high enough level for, geared and knowledgeable enough for is a different story.

Dire Maul North, along with all of the other Dire Maul dungeons, is the place where you learn how to deal with pats, but especially in Dire Maul North. They're everywhere.

So there was me on Audrid (healing up the place), my partner in crime on his hunter, a mage, a kitty druid, and a paladin tank.

Come to find out that our tank friend may have thought he wasn't high enough level just because he's a total newb. I say this with the kindest of intentions, but no one but a newb has a prot pally with half Intellect gear on, I don't care how low level.

We're talking Shield, Breastplate, Necklace of the Elder, Pants, and Ring. I could have forgiven all this if he hadn't basically refused to replace his intellect ring with the new Ring he won. We gently suggested to him that intellect is not the best tanking stat. He didn't say a word and just quietly kept plugging away, even though aggro was everywhere and he was quite squishy.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. We made it through with a scarce 2 wipes. It was a successful PuG, but I wonder how much farther our paladin friend will go if he continues to sacrifice his tanking stats for a little more mana, let alone what kind of hell the more cruel type of puggers will put him through if they don't just kick him off the bat.

End of the day, I have no room to speak. I'm a pally healer who wears half cloth, but at least I'm not wearing Strength gear so I can have stronger heals. /flex


  1. I was regularly thrown into instances with mobs 6 levels above myself as tank. Not only was holding threat damn difficult when everything I did was miss, parry and dodge (and everyone else in the group vastly outleveled me too), I was quite easily killed as well. The dungeon finder is cruel indeed.

  2. I think that Pally still had th WotLK mentality. I know several pally tanks back then stat hard in Intellect and Stam and thats it so they could keep up all thier spells. Ehh well, it sort of worked I guess....sort of.

  3. Trash mobs in DM North were level 44-45, so that was right on target for this tank, except... well, I think the gear and the newness to the game effected him. More than anything I sympathize and have concern for him. Tanking in lower level dungeons can be a nightmare. Overall, he did a good job, I just think he could have done a better one if more thought was put into his gear choices.

  4. Mhorgrim, I think you may be an expansion behind. Pretty sure Intellect stacking went out with BC, but I could be wrong.