Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All My Minions: Imp-proper Behavior

Ashwynn: Come here, Biznip.
Biznip: That is not in my contract!
She glares at him, tapping her foot impatiently.
Biznip: Oh wait...
He pulls a well read sheath of papers from thin air and reads.
Biznip: Uh, I guess it is.
He capers over to her, doing handstands and flips as he goes.
Biznip: What's up, boss?
Ashwynn: Was wondering if you could head over to Stonebrow's and pick me up some Eternium Thread?
Biznip: Aww, sure, send the little guy. That thread weighs about as much as I do!
She pokes his belly.
Ashwynn: Looks as though you could use the exercise. This sedentary life is making you weak.
Biznip: Look who's talking!
Ashwynn: Well, excuse you! Would you rather I send you back to the Twisting Nether for a bit?
Biznip: Err...
Ashwynn: Kraknak always obeys me. Perhaps it is past time he became my minion of choice.
Biznip: Awww. C'mon, boss, you know I'm your favorite. I'm your first. And besides, you know you love my back talk. At least I'm not truly rebellious like that succubus of yours.
Ashwynn: Disynn may be unruly but she has her uses.
Biznip: ...in bed. Heheheh!
Ashwynn: Biznip! Hush!
Biznip: Fine. I'm goin', I'm goin'.
He scampers off, trailing a wisp of felfire.

Ashwynn: Minions! Can't live with them. Can't live without them.

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