Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lil' LK!

My friend and I were chatting whilst I was running through my blogroll and reading all the juicy tidbits of the day. Then I cam across Redhawk's most recent post, which was highly amusing (except for the bits about Diablo because I don't play it).

When I got to question number 34 which contains a suggestion for Blizzard to create a Lil' LK non-combat pet that casts Defile on critters. I was super excited and thought that was awesome, but Spellpower had an even better idea.

He suggested that Lil' LK should have the ability to kill and then raise critters and create a mini-scourge. Although it would be a model and texture artist's nightmare, can you imagine running around town with a bevy of skeletal squirrels and bunnies following you? So much win!


  1. Personally I'd like a Li'll Tirion who rock up and finish the fight for you every time the mob reached 10% health ;)

  2. Oh! Even better! Great idea, Tam.