Monday, November 22, 2010

Icelica's Resting Place: The Quest for the Perfect Blade

This week's Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is The Perfect Weapon (suggested by yours truly). Here's my answer for Icelica.

The search for the perfect weapon for my fledgling Death Knight was truly a quest in and of itself, and a perfect way for me to delve a little deeper into the psyche of this troubled toon. I began with limited ideas, only knowing that Icelica prefers swords over other weapon types, being a Blood tank, of course that would mean a 2-handed sword.

I thought I would end up with a much longer search and in the end only come up with ideas that would lead me to forming my own weapon with its very own story. I was mistaken. Never underestimate the power of WoW to offer something for everyone.

I began by searching Wowhead, taking a peek at each and every 2-handed sword listed. I saw Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood, and thought it was beautiful, but it wasn't quite right. What does Ice care about dragons? Right now her mission is vengeance, an end to The Scourge. Then I saw the Twinblade of the Phoenix, and found it beautiful as well, but too delicate for Ice. She'd be worried it would shatter at first use.

 Finally, I found the Runeblade of Baron Rivendare, and it is beyond perfect for her. It is a runeblade, perfectly suited to her as she is a Death Knight. She will have to go through Baron Rivendare and countless Scourge to get it. There's nothing she would like better, and it will be a well earned prize, to go along with her Blood armor. My only wish is that it would be more useful. Maybe some day Stratholme will be revamped to Heroic, and drop max level loot again. I can't really complain, as the Blood armor is her RP outfit anyway.

Rest assured, she will own this blade, and there will be a great story to tell of her victory against Rivendare (now if only I can get him to drop his mount at the same time).


  1. That does seem like a very fitting blade for a deathknight!


    I kinda like it.

    I just caught up reading your old blog.

    1. Thank you for getting that horrible White Snake song in my head.
    1a. Tawny Kitaen was never really that hot, but I've crawled over much worse.
    2. Sucks about your guild.
    3. Mungo Jerry once sang "...just do what you feel". (Nasty little song that one.)
    4. I tend to not give advice or speculate, but I know I've been 10x happier in WoW since I've decided to use it to game first and form social connections second.

    I am a chubby guy. I think Cookie's Tenderizer would be my weapon of choice. Nothing like +6 STR on a weapon and you can bake with it afterwards.


  3. @antlergirl - Indeed it is! Thanks for the comment.

    @Mr. Fenris - Orange seemed more dramatic to me, like fire... or something...

    You're welcome. ~wicked grin~ Infecting minds with horrible old pop songs one post at a time.

    I think you're right, the problem is that I do value the social connections I make in game more than the actual game itself. If it was really about the game I think I would have moved on to something prettier a long time ago.

    Cookie's Tenderizer ftw! If any of my toons were obsessed with cooking this would be the one!