Saturday, February 19, 2011

Embrace of the Viper

This low level gear set is aptly named, because it creates drama.

I know what you're thinking, this is level 21 gear, low level loot is serious business, right?

Apparently it is.

Herein lies the problem... the stats on the Embrace of the Viper are itemized for melee or hunters boasting agility and stamina, while the set bonuses increase intellect.

And so inevitably any time I run Wailing Caverns I end up in a group with a druid healer and hunter who end up crying "Ninja!" at each other until someone gives up or gets kicked.

As if I didn't hate Wailing Caverns enough as it....


  1. I think it was originally mainly for Shamans (back when it first came out) because it had nature damage as one of the first bonuses (which has now changed) - and feral druids don't do much nature damage as far as I'm aware.

    That being said, I really can't believe anyone cares since at level 21 and around there anything is pretty much an upgrade for anyone *lol*

    The only time I'd get annoyed with someone "ninjaing" would be if the dps steals my tank stuff or healing stuff (since I'm actually the one going through the trouble of doing the tanking/healing).

    But in this case, anyone who uses leather items with agility on it.. it's not ninjaing, it's rolling *lol* Oh the foolishness of low level people sometime :)

  2. I remember being confused by the stats on it the first time I saw the set - years ago. For some reason I had thought that with The Shattering the stats would have improved to make more sense. I guess maybe it does make more sense, but its still not a clear cut - this is for x, y, z classes. Maybe they did that on purpose. Maybe its supposed to be a jack-of-all-trades kind of set. I just could do without the drama in my low level pugs. :)