Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Introducing Liliva

Liliva was a young woman training in the arts of the harvest under Sister Celestine. Hours spent playing and helping her mother in her garden as a child, she was well-versed in herbs to begin with, and so the craft came easily to her.

Then the Worgen came.

Little did we know that the beasts were really our own, that this infection was spreading amongst us. How do you fight a disease such as this... a curse so easily spread?

Bitten by a friend who transformed into a Worgen before her very eyes, it was only through the quick shooting of Lorna Crowley that Liliva survived.

It is with mixed emotions that Liliva continues her life. Between the devastation of this curse, the invasion of the Forsaken, and The Shattering of her home, she has hit rock bottom.

When the curse first took her she slaughtered her fellows mercilessly, caught up in the savagery of the beast. She was caught and caged by her people. It was only through the medicine that Krennan Aranas was able to create that she was just barely able to retain her humanity.

Should she have survived all this?

Yet she has, and she continues to live, despite the death of Prince Liam, despite being driven from her home, despite the feeling that she is a monster even though she is now able to control it.

The Night Elves have taught her and her people much, and have welcomed us into their home. We accept graciously, and yet, we do not yet have a true place in this Alliance. We do not yet even truly know who we are.

Liliva has spent days since her peoples' escape to Darnassus just thinking about all that has happened, and about what her place is to be in the future of this world. Within the peace and tranquility of the Night Elf world she has come to the only possible conclusion for herself. She shall live in peace with everything around her. She shall avoid violence at all costs. When she is confronted with danger she will retreat. If retreat is not possible, then and only then will she harm another being physically.

She will continue to learn the ways of the Harvest, and as an extension, has taken to learning the Druidic ways of the Night Elves. As such, she must contribute to the community she is now a part of, and will do so by gathering valuable herbs and mining precious ore.

In case it wasn't clear, I am leveling my druid through gathering professions only. Wish me luck in this non-violent journey.


  1. I am so enjoying this! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Uh oh. The pressure is on. :)

  3. *waves*

    That's a very fun way to RP the in-game choice of leveling by gathering. I enjoy having a bit of backstory to my characters as well - in fact, I even have a druid whose main purpose was to be a dual gatherer for me. He turned out to be a visual artist (lotsa screenshots, LOL) with an interest in history (ie, he gets to play archaeology, too). Generally I hate gathering, but he seems to enjoy it - hope it lasts!

    I stumbled over here by accident (err, ok, because of drama), but I'll be reading along for the RP. Thanks!