Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm Quitting

Why does it feel so bad when we see these words? Why does it dig so deep when you listen to others explain why they are leaving. Their logic is sound. They have their reasons. It is acceptable to quit playing a game that you are no longer enjoying.

And yet, whenever I read a quitting post (or non-quitting, as in the case of Klep), I find myself bristling for a fight. I feel a need to defend Blizzard and the game that I still enjoy.

I think the worst part for me is the self-doubt. I get this itch at the back of my brain, of fear that maybe I am just one of these duped masses that people talk about. I'm just a sheep on the loot rollercoaster, chasing that next carrot on a stick. Maybe that's true, but I enjoy chasing that carrot. I'd rather chase that carrot than watch American Idol or whatever other garbage is on television.

I think I could greatly enjoy playing a different game, but it would still be an MMO and/or an RPG. These are my games of choice. So, you see, I'd still be chasing that carrot on a stick, albeit in a different environment. I like the carrots WoW has given me. I tried some other games. I found EQ2 nearly impossible to get into and there was never anyone to talk to. LOTRO was fun, but kind of Vanilla, since I already knew what was happening.

For me, half of the fun is the story. I can't wait to find out what happens next, even if it means killing the same baddies in the same raids over and over for loot while waiting for the next bits of storyline (or Raid) to come out.

I love Azeroth. Do I think Blizzard has room to make improvements? Hell yes, I do. I think Blizzard is always looking for ways to improve the game as well, even if I don't always agree with the changes. Do I find the game no longer worth playing? Nope. If I did then I wouldn't be here talking about it.

Did I scare you?

I'm in no way quitting WoW. I'm not burnt out or disillusioned or raging angry. I'm peacefully enjoying my game.

Sadly, those of you with WoW angst are ending up off of my reading list. I'm sorry, but that itch bugs me. Continuously hearing about why I shouldn't be enjoying WoW is hard on the self-esteem. I get enough of a stigma just for being a WoW player, now I have to feel bad about continuing to enjoy the game from fellow gamers?

While I'm not quite so militant against Rift posts, my blog will remain a bastion of freedom from Rift. If you're with me, go grab the nifty little button Reala made at Click the Lightwell.


  1. You did scare me! ;~; Been reading so many blog closing posts lately that I'm on high alert. I don't care if people quit, although it does make me sad to lose blogs I enjoy reading, and there is something oddly solemn about someone having their Last Day in WoW.

    I haven't given up on any blogs that have dipped into Rift, but I definitely don't care to read about a game I don't play, so I'm hoping that the people I read don't completely abandon WoW talk!!

  2. You scared me as well! I just found your blog not too long ago, and my heart dropped a little when I thought there would be no more drama for me to enjoy.

    I am already sporting my shiny new button from Reala, but wanted to show my support for your view. I don't mind a little honest, constructive, well thought out criticism of the state of the game from time to time, but bashing WoW on a WoW blog seems a little backwards to me. Kinda like taking the time to bake a cake you hate, just so you can give people samples to convince them to hate it too.


  3. Aww don't do that! You worried me there, hon! But I do know what you mean, and it's why I'm just not blogging (as much) because I'm not 'bored' with WoW, I'm bored with gaming per se, so I'm doing what I tend to do and just stepping off for a bit until my mojo reappears! You stay having fun *hugs*

  4. Sadly, those of you with WoW angst are ending up off of my reading list. I'm sorry, but that itch bugs me. Continuously hearing about why I shouldn't be enjoying WoW is hard on the self-esteem. I get enough of a stigma just for being a WoW player, now I have to feel bad about continuing to enjoy the game from fellow gamers?

    Remember NEVER try to justify the reason you play a game. Understand something else, people who continuously knock a game down because their brand of fun is no longer there, are a very small minority. Net blogging and forums are a place for a fairly small niche of player base to comment. Non constructive criticism and purely negative attitudes are really something to ignore. If you love playing a game....keep on playing for the Love of the Gods!

    Time and again I see people tout the wonders of new MMOs. Some do leave for good, others play awhile then come back. I played Age of Conan for a year straight, but came back because WoW's story continues to evolve. Most companies can't or worse, WONT look after thier player base and it dies fairly quickly.

    Often I notice that the avante garde, cavalier attitudes come from people who rush through the game, beat all the raids and then ... nothing. It's an elitist attitude that stems from THIER poor self esteem because gaming is thier ONLY way of proving self worth. Look, enjoy the game, never defend it. I still find new areas I have'nt explored, quests I haven't finished, lore I find in books, instances/raids I have'nt done. I keep it fresh because I rotate what I do. I love the friends I've made with WoW as the connecting piece whether in game or not. But also, take breaks. It's not burn out when you do. I keep my during week play time down to 2 hours a night. Some nights I don't play because I want to see a movie or read a book, or...hey take my lovely wife out on a date (yes she's my in game partner in crime as well).

    This keeps my WoW game time fun and exciting. Well, that's my 2 copper for the day. Drop by The Rusty Blade and say hi when ya can eh? Have a great day!!!

  5. What a great post! I couldn't agree with you more. :)

  6. I still love playing WoW, and I am enjoying raiding even more than I did in Wrath. I have not played Rift at all, so I have no opinion on it, but have seen plenty of anti-WoW posts saying that WoW is finished and it's time to abandon it to go and play Rift.
    I think a lot of casual players HAVE stopped playing WoW, and that is something Blizzard needs to look at fast, but for those of us who prefer raiding to other aspects of the game, I think this expansion is as good as any of the previous ones, if not better.

  7. @ redcow - It is sad to hear someone is leaving WoW, especially when they are also a blogger. Don't leave me?

    @ Oz - Exactly! The cake analogy is perfect. I guess people like that are the definition of trolls, they're just looking for attention?

    @ Quixotic - This was totally not directed at you! I totally understand what you're doing it, and at least you haven't completely abandoned me. I almost like your non-WoW blog better than your WoW one.

    @ Mhogrim - More words of wisdom out of you! Thanks a billion. You cheered me up.

    @ S-L - Thanks for stopping by.

    @ AliPally - I'm one of those casual players, maybe that's why I'm seeing the negativity more. I kind of feel like I'm hearing it from both directions though. From the elitist raiders who rushed through the content, they are bored already. From the casual players, dungeons and raiding is harder than it was in Wrath. To both of them, I say, if you're bored or frustrated make your own fun. That's why its a game! Bend the rules a little bit and enjoy it, or go play something else, but do it without raging about WoW.

    @ Everyone - I'm sorry to have scared you, but it seemed the most dramatic way to make my statement. I didn't know I had so many readers. Thank you, all!