Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wine-y Post Day

Levi here in Mage country, beautiful Dalaran, here to discuss the wonders of wine. I'm here at, arguably the best wine store in the world, One More Glass, to discuss the best wines in Azeroth with proprietor Christi Stockton.

Levi: Ms. Stockton... May I call you Christi?

Christi Stockton: Of course, dear.

Levi: Christi, I see that your selection here is limited to Dalaran Red. Would you consider it to be the finest of fine wines?

Christi Stockton: Well, our selection here in Dalaran is a bit limited due to the remoteness of our location. We serve both Dalaran White and three varieties of Red, as well as Caraway Burnwine, but I'm not sure I'd consider that a true wine. It's a foul liquor that the Dwarves seem to favor when they can't get their hands on any ale. While all of these are wonderful, the most extravagant wine I've ever tasted is the recently discovered Sunkissed Wine of Uldum. The folk of that region are loathe to part with it, however, and so it is quite difficult to find.

Levi: I see. Are there any other notable wines that we should be aware of?

Christi Stockton: Let's see. The Blood Elves of Eversong have a top secret recipe known as Eversong Wine, but understandably, they won't let us Humans get our hands on it. There's also a little known vineyard in the Outlands near Allerian Stronghold. They produce a light but potent wine they call Brightsong Wine. Rumor has it that it's as strong as some Dwarven ales and apt to cause visions, or stupors as I like to consider them.

Levi: Sounds... ahem... interesting. Are there other wines that are more affordable for the common folk?

Christi Stockton: I believe the Goblins of Stranglethorn have been producing something they call Junglevine Wine, which I hear is quite affordable. Quite popular with the ladies this season is the Fizzy Fruit Wine, another Goblin product that can be found in the Badlands. Of course, I'm not sure I'd trust my delicate palate to the Goblins, but these are quite reasonably priced when compared with my fare.

Levi: Haha! I'm not sure that I would either. Well, if we can't make it all the way to Dalaran to try your lovely libations, is there another location that offers fine wines, perhaps more centrally located?

Christi Stockton: Well, I've many friends among the Mages of Dalaran who would gladly teleport a fellow out here for the promise of a round of drinks. However, if the trip simply cannot be made, then I'd suggest the Gallina Winery in Stormwind. I believe they offer an exquisite Pinot Noir. While in Stormwind, don't forget to check out the wonderful cheeses at Trias' Cheese, tell them Lucian sent you.

Levi: Thank you so much for taking the time to share these wine secrets with us, Christi.

I'm Levi with DBS News. Happy Wine drinking. Goodnight.

Well, I think this might be my first year participating in Whiny Post Day. Am I doin' it rite, Klep?


  1. I will give you a pass this time and pretend that this was a veiled whine about elitist wine snobs.