Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shared Topic: Favorite Profession

This week's Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is Favorite Profession, suggested by yours truly. See other responses to this topic here

This week's shared topic is an easy one for me to answer. My favorite profession above all others by leaps and bounds is Herbalism. There's just something so soothing about picking flowers. It wasn't always roses and sunshine though. Once upon a time you could fail to pick a flower.

I used to make jokes about it. I bend over and wrap my fingers around the stem and... ~slip~ Oops! I bend over and wrap my fingers around the stem and... ~smash~ Oops!

This was one of the most aggravating thing I've ever encountered in the game, and I'm sincerely thankful that Blizzard fixed it.

So what is it about Herbs that I like so much? Well, it certainly isn't the production professions that go along with this gathering skill. I've yet to have a maxed Alchemist or Scribe.

I'm a gatherer at heart. I think its the grind that I love so much. I'm the odd duck that greatly enjoys Fishing. I also love quests to kill 25 boars. Grinding in decent doses is something purely therapeutic to me. It may not be challenging in any way, but the monotony and ritual of it, the rhythm you get into, that is something so relaxing to me. My favorite quests in Outlands were the ones for Nesingwary in Nagrand, and I was truly saddened when I found out the number of kills required had been diminished. There's nothing like throwing on some good tunes to groove to and grinding away, whether it be grinding by picking flowers, or killing undead for cloth, or fishing up Mr. Pinchy.

Some of you may be wondering why Herbs when there's other grindy gathering skills to be had. Skinning is too easy and requires more killing. Don't get me wrong, I like skinning, but picking Herbs requires far less death. It's much more peaceful. Mining is the bane of my gathering existence. I have tried to no avail to like Mining. The nodes are harder to get to, and the competition seems to be more fierce. And the ting, ting of the mining pick is a grating noise.

Archaeology is fast becoming my new favorite Secondary profession. The grind is awesome, but it will never take the place in my heart for Herbs.

~scatters flower petals around as she prances off to pick some more herbs~


  1. Heh,
    Have to admit the advantage of a gathering proffesion such as Herbalism. The little bonus heal is'nt a bad deal either. As far as creation professions, I actually enjoy Blacksmithing and so must take mining as the secondary to save and or create more income. With gatherer and sharing nodes from gatherer, it really isnt that hard to come up with a fair amount of ore....well, with the exception of fel iron which is a bane of existance to me lol.

    I do enjoy leatherworking as a second place. Creating useful items are alwaysa cool. I never got into alchemy or scribing simply because neither really makes a profit untill much later in the game.

  2. I miss having herbalism on my Shaman honestly. Running about attempting to level, only to run off in the opposite direction of my SO as we were leveling together was just too much fun.

    I also rather like fishing simply because it's rather calming. Often if I have trouble sleeping I'll fish until my eyes get heavy.

    I've always had a love/hate thing about the Nesingwary quests. I loved doing them on my Druid and Hunter simply because I was a skinner, and nothing went to waste. I still liked them for the simply grind they presented on my other toons, but it always felt so wasteful to leave the bodies there : /

    Thanks for the topic this week! I rather enjoyed it.

  3. @ Mhogrim - More power to ya, that you enjoy those creation professions. I find them frustrating. I always end up skilling my gathering skill beyond what I need for my creation profession, and it irks me to no end to have to go back and gather stuff that doesn't skill me up anymore.

    @ Saz - Exactly! I used to always go fishing after raid, so I could wind down enough to fall asleep.

    As far as Nesingwary quests go, I appreciated them more on my non-skinner than on my skinner. I'm not really sure why that is, because it makes no sense. Maybe because the Nesingwary quests in Nagrand were what had me ding level 70 on my priest back in the day. Fond memories...