Saturday, November 13, 2010

The State of the Game: Post 4.0.1

Setting my priest aside like an old, well-played-with doll has left me feeling sad, disappointed and a little bit bitter. I've been running over the reasons I don't like the class changes in my mind, and reading and reading and reading other people's perspectives. One thing is certain, we've all taken the changes differently.

I've found folks who love the changes to priests and folks who hate it just like me, and others are sort of indifferent. But this kind of applies to all classes/specs. I've read blogs of people who are hating the changes to druids, and I personally am loving it. I've run across people who hate the changes to just about every class out there, and I've found others who feel the opposite. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason for it.

Then I poked around a little further out than my priestly circle, and found Big Bear Butt Blogger and Dechion discussing the fact that the dislike may be because these are the classes we are most familiar with. If you look a little more closely, the common thread is that the dislike is for the person's main or the class they play most often. Maybe we're all just too stuck in our ways at the moment, and there isn't currently a very good way of testing things. Heroics are beyond a joke, and even ICC isn't much of a challenge anymore (or so I hear).

The one person I know who hasn't been so shook up over his main's changes is my mage friend, and I think it's mainly because he was sick as heck of being arcane anyway and was ready for a change.

This actually gives me hope. Maybe if I just give Ama a little break then I can come back to her with a fresh outlook. Worst case scenario, I come back to the priest at a later date by re-leveling a new one.


  1. i think whether or not its your main is prolly a big factor. im not bothered about the changes to my resto druid, but the hard hitting combat nerfs really made me cry over my rogue.

    But its something we all just have to suck up i guess :)

  2. Yes, indeed. The good news is, with Cataclysm right around the corner, leveling up a new alt is going to be that much more fun!

  3. Yes, I noticed that in my attitude to my priest compared to my druid - I'm anxious about my priest, absolutely fine with druid. And I don't *HATE* the changes, although I've certainly bitched and moaned about them enough ;) Adapting to change is always hardest when investment is high.

  4. Ahh... I guess hate is a bit too strong of a word, but... so much whining Tam... And honestly, your feelings about the changes mirrored mine so I wanted to link you in one way or another.

    Now that the guild is no longer part of the equation I'm feeling much less stress about it. I don't HAVE to play my priest, and I no longer feel guilty about not playing her.