Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cataclysm: On Gear Replacement

I have only just reached level 82 on my Boomkin/Resto druid, but I've already replaced the majority of my Wrath epics. Granted they weren't super-awesome Item Level 277s, but 251 isn't that far off. Maybe some of these choices were not the best, but gosh darn it, I was ready for a change. The biggest difference has been losing gems and enchants, but I've kind of decided to disregard that stuff for the time being. Afterall, gems and enchants can always be re-applied at level cap.

Let's take a look at an example, my pants. I'm currently wearing Treegrip Pants (quest reward from the quest I posted about yesterday), which replaced my T10 Lasherweave Legplates.  Looking purely at stats, the Treegrip Pants are a definite upgrade, but when you factor in the loss of gems and spellthread, not to mention tier bonuses and socket bonuses, it really isn't an upgrade at all.

The thing for me is that now is about immersion, and I lose some of it if I don't get new gear from quest rewards. I know that's pretty illogical on my part, but one thing I've learned over the years of playing the game, you gotta play the way you want to. Viva is fighting on the front lines of the battle to save Azeroth, and she should look the part. The spiffy armor she is now sporting feels very martial for me. She finally looks like a soldier to me.

Her next stop is going to be Vashj'ir, so who knows how she's going to be feeling about the leather once she's in the water. More to come.

P.S. Still WTB an option to hide Shoulders!

P.P.S. PANTS! (For those of you in the know.)


  1. I remember when I was in my super scary Dk armor and fresh out of the Dk starter zone.

    Black and blue, sleek and slick.

    Then I got a drop in Ramps and next thing I know I've got neon green and yellow should pads...

    Kinda clashed.

  2. Indeed, the starter DK gear is super-sexy! I'm an avid gear collector, which includes grey trash items. I'm a sucker for looking good. :D