Monday, December 6, 2010

Wha? Huh?

Yeah, you may have noticed I took my Blog Azeroth post down. They switched the thingies on me. So that post will be re-posted next week.

The big news around the block is Cataclysm. Duh.

Or, if you're a precious little teeny-bopper that likes to read crap on webcam and then blow kisses, Ca-Tackle-ism (found via The Instance). If you guys missed that little bit of Youtube drama, well, I don't think there's any getting it back.

Basically it was a beautiful teenage girl reading a blurb from the Wowiki site about what Cataclysm is, in which she speaks as though she reads at a 2nd grade level or poorer, and mis-pronounces Cataclysm. She posted it, took it down, reposted it with a little blurb about how she mis-pronounced Cataclysm, then took it down again.

What an idiot. Seriously. If you are going to do little "news" blurbs on Youtube, you should at least be able to complete a sentence so that it sounds natural instead of pausing every other word. I could forgive the bit about mis-pronouncing Cataclysm, but the whole thing was trash. The only thing that could redeem her at this point is if she came out with something saying that she does these kinds of videos as a joke to mock bimbos.

I'll be posting a real post later (read tomorrow) about my real thoughts on Cataclysm.

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