Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cataclysm: What's Going On?

Well, Viva is currently level 82 and making her way through Vashj'ir.

She doesn't actually ride the seahorse often, because, well, she's a druid. OMG! I get to use my water form! SQUEE! While I'm not sure I'll ever get completely comfortable with the 3D environment that is underwater, I am finding it absolutely beautiful. Every time I pop out of one of the underwater caves I'm stunned all over again at the beauty of the ocean.

Best NPC so far? Well I'm torn between Budd and The Great Sambino. While Budd might be completely insane and obsessed with shinies, I think Sam wins this one. Only a goblin shaman would do such strange things to his elemental companion.

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